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страничка музыки Stay, авторство 2-4 Family. послушайте удобно музыку в плеере, затем вы можете занести её в плейлист, получить себе. конечно же есть слова музона на русском, английском или другом, родном для музыкального произведения языке. а главное мы попытались разыскать для тебя видосик с шоу певеца, вам абсолютно точно стоит посмотреть это, нам показалось, что он превосходный.

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Музыкант или группа: 2-4 Family

Музыкальное произведение: Stay

Продолжительность mp3 записи: 03:52

Изменён: 2015-01-25

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You donґt have to worry, to find somebody new
Just take a good look and youґll find the thuth (right)
Iґm telling you the secret, the one that you should know
Just live your life to the max, and work it slow

Oh Yeah
Aha, aha
Who you wanna see?
2-4 Family

Stay, donґt runaway, please lord just one more day
Stay, donґt be walking away

Jay Dogg:
Remember way back in the days, when you was lokinґ with the playasґ,
Connecting mad chips, colobarating about the capers
No love for the haters and the players of the game
Suspicious inpotane so you canґt maintain
No balance of reality from sane to insanity
The traffic jigo size, is what took insanity
But you made a simple boat down to Cally
Luginґ in the ripps, smoke chips like hally
Anyhting you want, all you have to do is ask
Gets the final person to us, to a situation statice, but
Youґre not sencere, what could be your future?
Live you life eveal from the highest evil

Chorus x 2

Donґt be walking away

I donґt wanna leave, but still I canґt stay,The same old problems day after day
Looking find somebody calling my phone,
If ainґt my home, donґt wanna talk, leave me alone (aha,aha)
Should I live, should I stay? So many questions got me confused
Lord Iґm confessinґ, Iґm stressinґ, the physics of love are gone
To a happy home, they got me throwing shots on the dome
Itґs on, but them about my mind, yo, a treasure
My family left so now Iґm stuck with drastic measures
You say you love me but the feelingґs gone away
This relationchipґs a lie, canґt stay

Chorus x 2

Face to face, place to place, one more day, all you gotta do is stay
Face to face, place to place, 2-4 Family
Why you actin like you run outta time, goind down now thatґs a lie
Talking bout you gotta fly, everythime I come around, Brotha how you sound
Take a chewes down, frontin like you new of this, nowin that you trigga with
I rafuse to get my heart tore, playin like a hard core, now you wanna go to war
But before, you was lovin it, talking that love shit, wonґt play the dum shit, forget it
Essie: (available only in the "perfect tools remix")
And if it split it, thatґs indeed ґґm gonna miss it, but pressure by a dollar-push up
I wonґt kiss it, wonґt you spit on me, only lies on your lips, from the lies that you keep
Bigger fish in a dish, you wonґt be missed
LilґBit: (available only in the ”special radio version”)
Deep lo, thatґs how this chic rolls, try to blew my out to smoke,brother what you fontin for? (Can you find me?)
You wanna go, ainґt go beg you to stay
Got no time for the games you brothas play, you can se a smile up on your face,
Now thereґs only empty space, what I call a happy home, is not a bigger place
Can you rase the past, I repaid the last we used to have,
Once Iґs caminґ first, now Iґm coming last

All we need to do is stay, All we need to do is pray, oh yeah
Just Stay And Pray!
Stay, all we need to do is stay, all we need to do is pray, oh yeah

Stay, donґt runaway, please lord just one more day
Stay, donґt be walking away (donґt be walkin away)
Stay, donґt runaway, please lord just one more day
Stay, donґt be walking away (but still I canґt stay)
Stay, donґt runaway, please lord just one more day
Stay, donґt be walking away, Stay

Eurovision BG08, 2-4 Family - Stay
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